Pre‑Conference Workshops


Please note that CAM reserves the right to cancel the pre-conference workshop should there be insufficient registrations. In this case, a full refund will be offered. The workshops will be offered in English.


**The workshops “Focus on Intrauterine Contraception for Midwifery Practice” and “Indigenous Midwifery Knowledge and Skills: A Workshop for Allies and Educators” are both now full. To be on the waiting list please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required

October 23, 9:00am‑12:00pm
Westin Nova Scotian Hotel, Halifax, NS

FULL – Workshop 1: Focus on Intrauterine Contraception for Midwifery Practice 


This session will build knowledge on Intrauterine contraceptive devices including relevance to midwifery care, mechanisms or action, contraindications, benefits, practice sessions and insertion troubleshooting.

Instructors: Mona Abdel-Fattah, RM; Dr Dustin Costescu, FRCSC; Liz Darling, RM, MSc, PhD; Kate Demers, RM, MMid

Workshop 2: Bringing Back Breech: Learning the Techniques and Tackling the Hierarchies


This workshop will describe how 3 centuries of obstetrics that developed a set of maneuvers to help a mother carrying a breech baby to deliver on her back is being replaced with old techniques women have managed to preserve through the same time period. The new breech literature will be reviewed from Frankfurt and Australia that has demonstrated how forceps for breech is becoming an artifact with the upright position. The cardinal manoeuvres of the breech will be reviewed showing videos on how to deal with shoulder dystocia and head entrapment with the upright position. Issues of postdate breech, the definition of footling, the problem of a nuchal cord, the baby that is too big or too small will be reviewed. The presentation will close discussing new challenges in Ottawa and what midwives can do in their own community. Please bring videos of breech births clients are willing to share or you have questions about.

Instructors: Betty‑Anne Daviss, RM

FULL – Workshop 3: Indigenous Midwifery Knowledge and Skills: A Workshop for Allies and Educators


In 2019, the National Aboriginal Council of Midwives published Indigenous Midwifery Knowledge and Skills: A Framework of Competencies. This framework was developed over a nine-month period and involved an initial workshop with diverse, experienced and Elder Indigenous midwives from coast to coast to coast. Nine core competency areas were identified. Each of these areas were expanded on to identify the competencies and associated skills, subskills, knowledge, and abilities.  The intent of this document is to provide a competency framework which can be used to continue growing and teaching Indigenous midwifery. This document is intended to be adapted as communities and Nations incorporate their own knowledge, traditions and ways. The document also answers some essential questions about Indigenous midwifery: How are Indigenous midwives different from non-Indigenous midwives? What is special or unique about Indigenous midwifery? Why is it important to recognize and support Indigenous midwifery in Indigenous communities? Indigenous midwifery knowledges and training must be brought home to our communities. As we work to grow Indigenous midwifery, we hope to continue to work alongside allies and midwifery educators as we increase the pathways to education for Indigenous midwifery students, decolonize training experiences, remove barriers to midwifery practice in our communities, and support retention

Instructors: Claire Dion Fletcher, RM; Carol Couchie, RM

Suturing Workshop, 2012 CAM Conference

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