Midwifery trivia

Midwifery-assisted births per province and territory, 2015/16

 Did you know?

BC leads the way in midwife-assisted births at 21%… the Canadian average is around 10%! >>>

CAM Global, Tanzania

 Test your knowledge

Question: Canadian midwives provide care in Canada, but they also share their skills in international settings thanks to the CAM-Global projects. In what countries are Canadian midwives presently active?

Answer: Benin, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Ethiopia

Number of midwives per province and territory, 2016

 True or false?

Question: Half of all Canadian midwives live and work in Ontario.

Answer: True >>>


 Did you know?

That 13 Canadian midwifery practices focus specifically on serving First Nations, Inuit, and/or Métis communities? >>>

Year of midwifery regulation per province and territory

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Question: What was the first Canadian province to regulate midwifery? In what year?

Answer: Ontario, in 1994


 True or False?

Question: PEI and the Yukon are the two only Canadian provinces or territories where midwifery has yet to be regulated.

Answer: True >>>

Primary care

 Question of the day

Question: How many midwifery-assisted births were there in Canada in 2016?

a) 20,564
b) 34,275
c) 38,352

Answer: C

Midwife listening to fetal heartbeat using Doppler monitor

 Test your knowledge

Question: There exist 6 midwifery education programs across Canada. In what provinces are they located?

Answer: Ontario (3), Quebec (1), BC (1), AB (1)

On call 24 hours

Midwife jokes…

If you think the only way to measure centimeters is by spreading your fingers … you might be a midwife.

If you know a cesarean is not a salad … you might be a midwife.

If there are more ways to reach you than the local fire department … you might be a midwife. >>>