Vision, Mission & Values


Equitable access to excellent sexual, reproductive & newborn midwifery services for everyone.


The Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) and the National Aboriginal Council of Midwives (NACM) are the national organizations representing midwives and the profession of midwifery in Canada. In partnership, NACM and CAM provide leadership and advocacy for accessible, autonomous, and publicly funded midwifery. We promote the vital role of midwives in sexual, reproductive, and newborn health. Our work is grounded in equity, respectful care, informed choice, self-determination, and reproductive justice. We advocate for community-responsive midwifery and contribute to progressive health policy in Canada, and internationally.


The Canadian Association of Midwives believes that:

  • Midwifery care promotes and facilitates the normal, healthy process of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding and supports the client’s confidence in their own abilities.
  • Midwives are experts in low-risk pregnancy and birth, and can improve the childbirth experience and health outcomes for individuals at all risk levels.
  • Partnership with clients, continuity of care, informed choice, evidence-based care, choice of birthplace and community-based services are fundamental to midwifery care in Canada.
  • Midwifery care should be universally accessible in Canada, regardless of socioeconomic circumstances.
  • All maternity care providers must respect and embrace human dignity, diversity and equity in every facet of their work with clients and colleagues.
  • Effective, sustainable maternity care must centre on the self-determined needs of individuals, families and communities and support birth close to home.
  • Midwives must be full partners in developing and implementing the public policy agenda on maternity and newborn care and health human resource planning.
  • Research, especially midwife-led research, is an important component of ensuring best practice and evidence-based care.
  • Midwives globally play an essential role in promoting health and reducing maternal and infant morbidity and mortality.
  • The potential of midwifery to enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families and society should be valued and promoted.