Our Team

Board of Directors

Chelsea Miklos, RM

British Columbia
Alyson Jones, RM

Sarah Davis, RM

New Brunswick
Brittany Stairs, RM

Newfoundland & Labrador
Brianna Thompson, RM

Northwest Territories
Heather Heinrichs, RM

Nova Scotia
CJ Blennerhassett, RM


Jasmin Tecson, RM

Prince Edward Island
Joyce England

Josyane Giroux, RM

Jessica Bailey, RM

Yukon Territory
Kathleen Cranfield, RM

NACM co-chairs
Carol Couchie, RM & Claire Dion Fletcher, RM

Student rep
Katrina Thiessen

Executive Committee

Alix Bacon, RM

Vice President
Elizabeth Brandeis, RM

Trish Langley Frempong

Sara Wolfe, RM

Sara Wolfe, RM

CAM Staff — National

Tonia Occhionero

Tonia Occhionero
Executive Director

Annie Hibbert
Executive Assistant

Julia Bassili

Julia Bassili
Manager, Administration & Logistics

Jill DeWeese-Frank

Jill DeWeese-Frank
Member Services and Events Manager

Stella Zocalli

Stella Zoccali
Administrative Assistant

Sunny Sun
Director of Finance

Madonna Stowe

Madonna Stowe
Finance Officer

Nora Szabo
Financial Analyst

Alisha Nicole Apale
Director, National Aboriginal Council of Midwives (NACM)

Jo Muise
Public Engagement Co‑ordinator

Alison Tassignon 
Logistics Assistant, National Programs

Jasmine Chatelaine
Program Officer, Clinical Knowledge Transfer

Bryn Symonds
Communications Officer, CAM National

CAM Staff – Global

Jamie Robinson

Jamie Robinson
CAM-Global Programs Manager; Programs and Partnerships

Daniel Lavigueur
CAM-Global Operations Manager

Emma Sandona
Project Officer -ISDSM & More and Better Midwives -CAM-Global Program

Sonia Michaelson
Project Officer, SMSII; CAM-Global Programs

Amal Mohamed
Project Officer, Strengthening Midwifery Education and Practice in Somalia

CAM-Global Programs

Véronique Plouffe
Project Officer, Saj Famn Po Famn, CAM-Global Programs

Hélène-Karelle Ekpini
Logistics Assistant- CAM-Global Programs

Alex Wysocki-Najar
Communications Co-ordinator, CAM-Global Programs

Moya Crangle
Midwifery Technical Expert, CAM-Global Programs