ESW Instructor Materials (English Subscription)


(Intended for certified ESW instructors only)

This 12-month subscription intended for ESW Instructors includes the following (for full details see Description):

1. AOM ESW Manual 6th Edition (PDF)

2. AOM ESW Exam

3. ESW Participant PowerPoint slide deck:
a. ESW program overview
b. 6th ed. Manual updates
c. Skills review: bladder filling for umbilical cord prolapse

4. AOM ESW Instructor Handbook includes (PDF):
a. Program overview
b. ESW teaching principles and instructor skills
c. Leading the ESW
d. ESW instructor cue cards
e. ESW Workshop Scenarios

The ESW Instructor Subscription is also available in French

If you have any questions, please email CAM at


AOM Emergency Skills Workshop Manual, 6th Edition

Available in English and French in a new electronic format (PDF). It is no longer available in print.

The new version includes:

  • Research evidence from 2012 to 2019 was reviewed and adapted by and for midwives.
  • Core midwifery texts were consulted along with other emergency obstetric manuals (like ALARM and ALSO).
  • New and updated medical illustrations are featured.
  • Flow charts have been updated and a new PPH management flow chart was added.

AOM Emergency Skills Exam

The exam has been updated to reflect the new manual (6th edition). Topics include: Managing Emergencies, Postpartum Hemorrhage, Antepartum and Intrapartum Haemorrhage, Abnormal Fetal Heart Rate, Malpresentation and Cord Prolapse, Shoulder Dystocia, Unplanned Breech Birth, Unplanned Twin Birth and Anaphylaxis.

Please note that access to the online exam is not automatically processed. When you purchase this subscription, you will receive an email from the AOM with instructions on how to log in and access the exam. You have two attempts to pass the exam and must achieve 90% or higher to pass.

Please allow for two business days to receive your order. If your order is placed on the weekend, it will be processed on the following Monday or Tuesday. If you have not received the link within two business days, please check your junk mail folder.

You will have 30 days to complete the exam once started.

AOM ESW Participant Power Point Slide Deck

The ESW participant slide deck was developed to orient ESW participants to the different components of the ESW and to provide continuing education in emergency skills. It begins with the philosophy, goals and learning objectives of the ESW and is followed by a review of how the workshop is structured. An overview and explanation of changes made in the 6th ed. ESW manual is also included. For the continuing education component, the research evidence to support bladder filling for umbilical cord prolapse is discussed and an explanation of how to perform bladder filling is provided with an accompanying video demonstration.

AOM ESW Instructor Handbook

This handbook (previously titled “ESW Instructor Manual”) has been revised to focus on the ESW program’s teaching and learning objectives. AOM ESW policies have been removed. The cue cards and scenarios have been streamlined and revised to reflect the 6th Edition ESW Manual.

AOM ESW Instructor cue cards now include four components:

  • Page references for corresponding emergency management sections
  • Learning objectives
  • Review points to guide instructors
  • A “What’s New” section that highlights new material in the latest edition of the manual.

PLEASE NOTE, this subscription does not certify you as an Emergency Skills Workshop (ESW) instructor in Canada or anywhere. The Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) and the Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM) are not responsible for ensuring the certification of ESW instructors. Instructors are certified to teach by provincial and territorial midwifery associations.

CAM reserves the right to cancel a subscription at any time if a subscriber is not registered with their provincial or territorial association or regulatory college to hold ESW in their province or territory. CAM facilitates access to the AOM Emergency Skills Workshop (ESW) instructor materials to certified instructors in provinces and territories outside of Ontario. CAM also ensures that these materials are accessible in both English and French.