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CAM Responds to Closure of Clinic 554 in Fredericton, NB

The services provided by Clinic 554 in New Brunswick’s capital have been in jeopardy for several years due to the on-going refusal by the provincial government to pay for or reimburse patients for abortion services performed outside of hospitals – despite this being in violation of the Canada Health Act. We are deeply concerned and upset for families in the Atlantic region

CAM Responds to Midwifery Today’s Choice of Conference Venue with Openly Homophobic Policy

“We believe that all midwives and midwifery practices can and should provide an environment where every individual is welcomed and treated with dignity and respect. It is critical for midwives to honour and respect all people’s right to self-determination as well as their right to receive health care that is free from discrimination, transphobia, homophobia and prejudice. Women and women’s health care will not benefit by refusing to recognize or include the rights of others.”

CAM Releases Newly Revised Position Statement on Home Birth

CAM updates position statement on home birth.