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CAM choir Recordings

CAM Choir to Sing at 2017 ICM Congress

Dear midwives,

The CAM choir is scheduled to sing during the  ICM Congress opening ceremony, the multi-faith celebration as well as the closing ceremonies.

All those interested in joining in will find attached the recordings as well as the accompanying lyrics for the various songs. Play them in the car, sing them together at your practice meeting, do harmonies if you can. Some of the recordings are slow to facilitate learning; we will increase the pace later. If you only have time to learn one song please listen to and learn Midwives Save Lives.

Thanks for singing.

— Sarilyn Zimmerman


  1. Henay Ma Tov
  2. Only one river
  3. Helele Mama (second from last song, bottom of page)
  4. Midwives Save Lives
  5. Join Hands
  6. Amazing Birth (English & French)
  7. One Love
  8. O Canada (English & French)
Henay Matov
Only One River
Midwives save lives
Join Hands
Amazing Birth (English)
Amazing Birth (French)
One Love
Oh Canada (English)
Oh Canada (French)