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Support Midwives

You can help spread midwifery

There are many ways you can support midwives and midwifery across Canada and around the world. By supporting midwifery, you are helping support equitable access to excellent sexual, reproductive and newborn midwifery services for everyone, everywhere.

Become a CAM Ally

If you are not a midwife but believe in CAM’s mission, you can become an ally and help midwifery grow. This is also a great choice for midwives in other countries to participate in CAM’s mission.  

You can become a CAM Ally for just $100 for an entire year.

NCIM Supporter

The National Council of Indigenous Midwives (NCIM) is committed to growing Indigenous midwifery.

NCIM is happy to provide information and resources to aspiring Indigenous midwives, individuals and organizations involved in Indigenous birth work, and Indigenous midwives from jurisdictions other than Canada. We welcome interested individuals and organizations to become supportive members.

You can become a NCIM Supporter for just $100 for an entire year.

The benefits of being an NCIM Supporter:

  • Act of reconciliation
  • Promote the growth of Indigenous midwifery
  • Contribute to the improvement of reproductive and child health in Indigenous communities

CAM/NCIM Celebration Scarf

The Celebration Scarf commemorates the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the CAM and NCIM that recognizes and promotes NCIM as the national voice and leading authority on Indigenous midwifery and Indigenous reproductive health, and celebrates this relationship into the future.

The scarf features the CAM parent and child logo encircling the National Council of Indigenous Midwives icon, and was printed by a small company in Kashmir that follows Fair Trade and Fair Labour practices.