CAM Membership

  • Full members of CAM have voting privileges at the CAM Annual General Meetings
  • Members receive the Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice (CJMRP) 3 times/year
  • Members receive email updates from CAM including job postings, relevant newsletters and conference updates
  • Members will be invited to attend each Annual General Meeting and are represented on the CAM Board of Directors by a selected member of their provincial or territorial professional association
  • All CAM members benefit from a reduced member rate for the annual Conference & Exhibit

There are five classes of membership in CAM:

FULL MEMBERSHIP consists of individual midwives in good standing of their provincial/territorial midwifery association that is a member of CAM. Provincial/territorial memberships are issued to midwifery associations that represent the midwives in that province or territory.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is issued to individual midwives who reside in a province or territory where no provincial or territorial midwifery association is in existence. Non-practising midwives may also be issued associate memberships in CAM.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP may be issued to individual student members of provincial/territorial associations.

ALLIED MEMBERSHIP is for individuals who are not midwives who wish to support the vision of CAM. Allied memberships are non-voting memberships.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP may be issued to individuals at the discretion of the CAM Board of Directors.

Members of provincial/territorial midwifery associations are automatically entitled and issued membership to CAM. If you are a practising midwife, please contact your provincial/territorial midwifery association for information on your membership in CAM.

If you are a student registered in one of the seven recognized midwifery education programs in Canada, please contact your provincial/territorial association for information on your membership in CAM.

If you are a midwife in an area without a professional association, if you are a student midwife in a midwifery education program not listed here, or if you are a midwife in the process of applying for registration in Canada, you can apply for membership in CAM.

If you are not a midwife but wish to become a member of CAM, complete the Allied membership application form.