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Welcome to the Strength in Practice Podcast. Strength in Practice is a podcast by the Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) that delves into the critical issues at the cultural and scientific intersections of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). The podcast explores and addresses the challenges and issues that impact the work of midwives and the diverse communities they serve in Canada and globally. Strength in Practice connects voices and ideas, empowering clients and midwives, and reinforcing the importance of informed choice in regards to our health

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Meet Our Host

Hi, I’m Monika Goodluck (she, elle), and I am excited to host “Strength in Practice,” a podcast for midwives. I’ve been involved in community health and equity and inclusion spaces for decades, including work related to SRHR. I hold an MPH in Health Promotion and Community Development and I am constantly learning and growing.

My identity intersects in many ways that continuously shape my experiences of the world, including as a parent who had midwifery care for all my perinatal journeys. I approach my hosting work on “Strength in Practice” with curiosity, humility, and hope. We have great stories to share, and I hope you’ll engage with them as much as I have. Connect with Monika on ​​​​LinkedIn

Episode 1 – Health Equity & Access

Episode Description: How does ethnicity impact health outcomes for both health care givers and receivers of care? In this episode we explore the experiences of racism among health care providers who are Indigenous, Black, or people of color (IBPOC), specifically within the context of midwifery in Ontario. A panel discussion on health equity, focusing on newcomer populations and clients with precarious immigration status follows.

Feature interview: Faduma Gure, MSc

Round table: Manavi Handa, RM, MHSc, BHSc and Associate Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University, and Shezeen Suleman, RM

Episode 2 – Care

Episode Description: In this episode we discuss the essence of care: how do midwives care for themselves and their clients? We explore how Artificial Intelligence is transforming how care is delivered and speak with a panel of midwives about burnout, caregiver self-care, and innovative care models

Feature interview:  Dr. Sandra Mutilva, PhD., EMBA, CHE, CRM, BHSc, RM(Ret)

Round table: BA; Alison Humphreys, RM, BHSc, BA, Dr. Kathrin Stoll

Your Word: Tekatsi:tsia’kwa Katsi Cook (Wolf Clan Mohawk), founding Indigenous Midwife of the Tsi Non:we lonnakeratstha Ona:granhsta on Six Nations of the Grand River

Episode 3 -Scope of Practice

Episode Description: How is the scope of practice for midwives in Canada changing, and what are the impacts. CAM President CJ Blennherhasset discusses where midwives are making strides, and where are we hitting roadblocks? Later, a panel delves into the expanding role of midwives in sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Feature interview:  CJ Blennerhassett, RM, MHA, CHE and President of the Canadian Association of Midwives

Round table: Dr. Liz Darling, RM, PhD, Assistant Dean, Midwifery at McMaster University, Valérie Perrault, RM and Jenna Bly, RM, BHSc, MA

Your Word: Rebecca Hautala, RM

Strength in Practice is funded by Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada