NACM Gathering is all about Education

Group photo of NACM members at 2018 Gathering in Kitigan Zibi

In October, over 30 NACM members gathered at Kitigan Zibi to connect, share about their work and communities, learn, and plan for the future of Indigenous midwifery in Canada.

NACM’s vision for education, Where there are Services, there will be Education, inspired it to begin to articulate the core competencies of Indigenous midwifery. >>>

Ontario Ruling on Pay Equity will have Ramifications across the Country

This week, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario released a landmark decision in the Association of Ontario Midwives case against the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, finding in favour of midwives.

The Tribunal found that midwives have experienced sex‑based discrimination in their pay since 2005 and ordered government to take steps to close the pay equity gap for midwives and monitor for the impact of gender discrimination on their compensation. >>>

The Pinard, Winter 2018

The Pinard, Winter 2018

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