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The Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) and the National Council of Indigenous Midwives (NCIM) are partnering with McMaster University on a project to build the capacity of midwives to recognize and respond safely to family violence. The three-year project centres around the development of teaching materials, continuing education trainings, and practical resources. Through this program, we aim to reach thousands of midwives and their clients, with the potential of reaching up to 18,000 people per year. The project is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Cover of 'Something if Off" booklet.

Something is Off – A graphic novel about pregnancy & intimate partner violence

My name is Shayla. I am a midwife. When someone becomes pregnant and chooses to bring a life into this world, they need to be strong enough for themselves and their child.  My job is to support pregnant people and help them build that strength. Pregnancy amplifies life. All our feelings swell in reaction to it. Where love exists, it flourishes. So can abuse. But abuse can stay hidden from family, friends, social media…  read more…

About the project

The educational curriculum, professional development trainings, and clinical resources in this project have been created to address the gaps and needs emerging from the Knowledge Assessment Survey on Family Violence. They also reflect consultations with association members and members of the Project Advisory Committee on Gender-Based Violence.


For more information about Midwives Recognize and Respond to Family Violence, please contact Elvira Truglia, Project Lead, Knowledge Translation for Gender-Based Violence Prevention: