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CAM is Proposing a Major Change

  1. The current CAM board is made up of 1 representative from each province or territory.
  2. This structure was chosen to help get midwifery recognized across Canada.
  3. We achieved that in 2022 when it was recognized in PEI.

Now we need to look to the future and ask what’s next.

  1. CAM’s ultimate goal is equitable access to excellent sexual, reproductive, and newborn midwifery services for everyone.
  2. To achieve this, we have established 3 Pillars: Advocacy, Association Strengthening and Promoting Excellence. 

What we are looking for is new leadership that will help us all get there.

If we do away with the idea of 1 representative from each province or territory, what does CAM leadership look like?

Who do we need to advance the 3 Pillars and achieve the ultimate goal of midwives for everyone, everywhere by 2025?

We want to hear your ideas. Who do you think needs to be leading to reach that goal?

We’ve set up conversation times for you to share your ideas and recommendations. So come join us and tell us what you think. We need your ideas to move forward together. All ideas are welcome. Don’t be shy, even if you’ve never attended a CAM event before.

Pick a time slot

Wednesday, October 26, 6 pm ET

Sunday, October 30, 2 pm ET

Tuesday, November 1, 4 pm ET
(This session is part of the Knovember Conference. No registration is needed but a ticket is required.)

Never heard of the 3 Pillars? Check out CAM’s New Theory of Change.

You’ll find more information on each pillar and it’s expected outcome.

The 5-Year Plan At a Glance:

Ultimate Impact: Equitable access to excellent sexual, reproductive & newborn midwifery services for everyone.

Advocacy: Advocate to advance Indigenous midwifery; the growth, diversity, and accessibility of midwifery throughout Canada; and continued investments to strengthen midwifery globally.

Association Strengthening: Strengthen provincial associations to develop robust internal structures, organizational effectiveness, anti-oppressive frameworks, and financial capacity.

Promoting Excellence: Promote Excellence in midwifery practice, reproductive justice, and anti-oppressive approaches to health care by providing resources and learning opportunities through clinical knowledge translation and global health programming.

Any questions? Feel free to email