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The Pinard, Winter 2018

INSIDE: Read about the CAM Conference, the Global Health Symposium and the NACM Gathering; learn about respectful maternity care training in South Sudan.

The Pinard, Spring 2018

INSIDE: Discover the 2017 statistics about midwife-led births in Canada; read about the reflections of a Quebec midwife inspired by her Congolese colleagues and celebrate with New Brunswick midwives on moving into their new home!

The Pinard, Winter 2017

The Pinard, Winter 2017

INSIDE: Discover the stories of six members of the Canadian Association of Midwives from six different regions of Canada, and how each has come to midwifery and made it her own.

The Pinard, Fall 2017

The Pinard, Fall 2017

INSIDE: Highlights of Toronto ICM Congress, Historical signing of CAM-NACM memorandum of understanding, ICM March for More Midwives event, Strong Indigenous presence at ICM, CAM-Global well represented at ICM, and much more!

The Pinard, Spring 2017

The Pinard, Spring 2017

INSIDE: CAM-Global projects in Benin, Tanzania and South Sudan, midwifery in New Brunswick, our IDM #DanceWithMidwives event, suggestions on how to prepare for the ICM Congress, and much more!

The Pinard, December 2016

The Pinard, Winter 2016

INSIDE: Midwives Save Lives project in Benin, Building midwifery in South Sudan, and highlights of the 2016 CAM Conference

The Pinard, March 2016

The Pinard, Spring 2016

INSIDE: The new strategic plan, recent CAM publications, and interviews with four midwives