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Showcasing Excellence in IBPOC Research

February 26, 2024 from 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Online Event

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"Showcasing Excellence: Empowering IBPOC Midwifery Researchers" is a groundbreaking webinar hosted on February 26th from 12-2pm EST. This event proudly features 4-5 dynamic 10-minute presentations, unveiling the impactful research conducted by IBPOC midwives and midwifery students. Delve into topics such as health inequities in maternal care access and combating racism in midwifery. Following the presentations, engage in a quick Q+A session to explore research, grad school, and publishing. This initiative, supported by Health Canada and the CAM, aims to advance racial equity in Canada while celebrating IBPOC academic excellence. Don't miss this opportunity to learn, connect, and empower.


Meet the Researchers

Momina Khan

Momina Khan, a midwifery student from Toronto Metropolitan University with comes with a global perspective, focusing her research on integrating sustainability into healthcare policy and practice. Her research experience encompasses work in Canada, Kenya, and India, focusing on critical issues like perinatal healthcare, cervical cancer screening, and HIV prevention. As a racialized Muslim woman, Momina is committed to fostering inclusivity in healthcare, advocating for significant policy changes to improve midwifery practices and health outcomes worldwide.


Minnie Quach

Minnie Quach is a midwifery student at Toronto Metropolitan University and a director at AMANI Birth, bringing a unique blend of education and experience to her role. With a Master's degree from Harvard University, she focuses her research on modesty rights and the impacts of Islamophobia on the healthcare experiences of Muslim families. Minnie's background as a birth worker and educator underscores her dedication to culturally safe care.


Trish Langley Frempong

Trish Langley Frempong is a passionate Registered Midwife and graduate student in Ontario, championing for social justice and equity within midwifery. Her commitment is evident through her extensive involvement in committees focused on health equity, anti-Black racism, and LGBTQ+ inclusion. Trish's research aims to enhance the educational experience for racialized students, contributing significantly to the sustainability of midwifery and a more inclusive healthcare environment.


Susana Ku

Susana Ku is an Asian-Latino midwife with a rich heritage in Peruvian and Canadian midwifery. Currently, she is furthering her education as a Ph.D. candidate in Global Health at McMaster University. As a co-founder of a Spanish midwifery podcast and her contributions to Critical Midwifery Studies and Virtual International Day of the Midwife, Susana actively participates in initiatives that seek to broaden the understanding and discourse within the midwifery community and reproductive justice. Susana's research focuses on the challenges and innovations in midwifery during crises, contributing valuable insights into global health and midwifery education.


Claire Ramlogan-Salanga

Claire Ramlogan-Salanga stands out as an Assistant Professor and Chair of the College of Midwives of Ontario, specializing in midwifery education and social justice in healthcare. Her role in developing inclusive curriculum and advocacy initiatives, such as the IBPOC Student Advisor position, highlights her dedication to equity and support for underrepresented students. Claire's PhD research in Global Health further demonstrates her commitment to improving midwifery care and addressing health disparities.

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