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Family Violence / Videos

Midwives Recognize & Respond to Family Violence – The Video Series

Family violence is not easy to talk about; it may also not be easy to recognize or know how to address. In this video series, midwives in Ontario and British Columbia answer frequently asked questions about addressing family violence. Watch the series for insights on:

  • What is family violence?
  • How to support clients who face family violence
  • How to practice trauma-informed care
  • How to support clients who face barriers to health equity
  • How to centre Indigenous knowledge
  • Whether or not to report a (possible) situation of violence
  • How to practice self-care and community care

Let’s work together to support families. Share the videos with midwives and other health care and social service professionals. 

How Do Midwives Recognize and Respond to Family Violence?

What is Family Violence?

How to Support Clients Who Face Family Violence

How to Practice Trauma-Informed Care

How to Centre Indigenous Knowledge

How to Support Clients Who Face Barriers to Health Equity

Should You Report to Authorities?

How to Practice Self-Care and Community Care