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Family Violence / Publications


Knowledge Assessment Survey Report

This report from the Canadian Association of Midwives and National Council of Indigenous Midwives highlights that most midwives and midwifery students who responded to the Knowledge Assessment Survey on Family Violence work with people who are vulnerable to family violence. However, they are more likely to work with people vulnerable to intimate partner violence compared to child maltreatment.

In the report, read about:

  • How practicing midwives describe their roles in mitigating family violence
  • Best practices and challenges in recognizing and responding to family violence
  • Systemic barriers to addressing family violence
  • Gaps in knowledge, skills and resources

As midwives we play crucial roles in supporting and protecting families. We hold such incredible privilege as midwives. Through longer appointment times, focus on social determinants of health, mental wellbeing, and home visits we have a deep view into the window on a family’s dynamics and wellbeing in this vulnerable time. We owe it to families to use that privilege to serve their safety and wellbeing as best we can.