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Thamini Uzazi Salama (Value Safe Birth) Project SMIP

“No one should die while choosing to give life”

Led by UNFPA-Tanzania with implementing partners CAM and AMREF, the SMIP project (Thamini Uzazi Salama which means Value Safe Birth in Swahili) aims to reduce Tanzania’s high rates of maternal and newborn mortality by increasing the availability of skilled midwives in the country. It takes a holistic approach by working at the community, institutional and policy levels, targeting community members and leaders (women, men, girls and boys), government stakeholders, health training institutions, health care facilities, staff and the national midwifery association (TAMA).

The SMIP Project is funded by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada over seven years.

Project Goals

  • Strengthened teaching and learning environment for high-quality, gender-responsive midwifery pre-service program.
  • Strengthened midwifery professional development programs for in-service midwives to provide high-quality, gender-responsive midwifery care.
  • Enhanced capacity of selected health facilities to deliver rights-based, gender-responsive, quality safe midwifery services.
  • Enhanced capacity of community structures to engage in a dialogue aimed at improving delivery and utilization of quality gender-responsive midwifery services.
  • Improved capacity of government and relevant institutions to develop and implement gender-responsive midwifery related policies, regulations and guidelines.
  • Strengthened leadership capacity of TAMA to promote and advance the midwifery profession in Tanzania.

Total Project Budget

3 million CAD

Dates: 2024-2031

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