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Zone 72: SRHR Youth Led Advocacy in South Sudan

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Zone72 is a national strategy addressing the challenges facing youth, in particular high levels of unwanted pregnancy, gender-based violence, ending child marriage and social sustainability in South Sudan. The campaign advocated for more youth involvement in decision making, youth-led advocacy and equal access to health and education for girls.

72 refers to the estimated percentage of the population who are between the ages of 12-35 (2020).

CAM created Zone 72 under the guidance of the South Sudan Ministry of Health and UNFPA, with the support of the WHO, UNICEF and other NGOs, and in partnership with The South Sudan Nurses and Midwives Association and Shabab La Shabab youth network.

Listen to the 2 PSA’s made for this project


  • Over 1000+ questions and comments on FB, email and WhatsApp
  • 16,000 youth IEC materials disseminated (3 SRHR magazines, 2 comic books, SRHR pocketbooks, 10 short radio dramas)
  • 30,000+ estimated listeners weekly of the Zone72 weekly talk show, with over 300+ logged calls and text messages.
  • 2500 followers on Zone 72 Facebook



My Body, My Life, My World: Your Passport to Adolescent Health

The goal of this guide is to address the Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights (SRHR) of young people with special attention to addressing the needs of young men and women equally, regardless of ability, background, beliefs, status or interests.

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