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ICM Fund Challenge Raises a Total of $60,000!

15 midwives flying to Toronto for ICM Congress!

Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) president Katrina Kilroy, and event sponsor HIROC CEO Catherine Gaulton pose proudly with boarding passes for the 15 midwives from the Americas and Africa who will be flying to Toronto for the 2017 ICM International Triennial Congress taking place June 18-22.

CAM pledged to make this Congress the most accessible Congress yet.

“We knew that it is unaffordable for many midwives in under-resourced countries to attend, and we also knew what a life-changing experience it can be, so we asked all midwifery practices in Canada to commit to raising money to bring a midwife.”

– Tonia Occhionero, Executive director (Canadian association of midwives)

The response was wonderful! Working together, midwives and supporters from 18 different midwifery practices or groups across Canada, and event sponsor HIROC, worked tirelessly, raising a total of $60,000. Donations came trickling in right up till the end of February. Money raised will cover Congress registration, travel, accommodations and visa fees.

The Canadian Association of Midwives wishes to thank all those who pledged to raise funds.