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2020 is the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife

“These are the people who devote their lives to caring for mothers and children; giving lifesaving immunizations and health advice. They are often, the first and only point of care in their communities. The world needs 9 million more nurses and midwives if it is to achieve universal health coverage by 2030.”The World Health Organization has declared 2020 the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. At the heart of this campaign are three key messages:

  • Strengthening nursing and midwifery to achieve health for all
  • Boost nursing and midwifery leadership and influence to improve health services
  • Commit political will and funding to improve nursing and midwifery

To support these objectives, the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) has also launched a calendar of events throughout the year.

In January, they’ll be launching a special video, an advocacy toolkit, and celebrating the first babies born in 2020. In March, events will highlight indigenous midwives. In June, at the ICM Congress, there will be a special Walk for Women’s Empowerment, and the launch of a new ICM Charity. If you’d like to learn more, you can read the ICM’s full plan.

Get Involved

If you’re feeling inspired, here are some ideas how you and your community can get involved:

Display campaign posters

Download International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife posters and put them at strategic locations – supermarkets, bus stops, schools, local health facilities, health ministry etc. The WHO has produced some great posters.

Organize recognition awards/certificates

Organize recognition awards/certificates for midwives and nurses in your local/national healthcare facilities in appreciation of their contribution to the community.

Engage local leaders and celebrities

Ask your leaders, health care leaders to promote the Year of Nurse and the Midwife in their speeches, on social media, websites, television and radio interviews.

Get active on social media

Join the drum roll and participate in the WHO’s appreciation social media campaign on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Share photos and videos explaining why this vital workforce is essential, and why we need greater investment in the health workforce.

The primary hashtag that you can use is #SupportNursesAndMidwives but look out for posts using #Nurses2020 and #midwives2020 as well.

Did you know?


The world needs 18 million more health workers to achieve and sustain universal health coverage by 2030. Approximately half of that shortfall – 9 million health workers – are nurses and midwives.


Globally, 70% of the health and social workforce are women. Nurses and midwives represent a large portion of this.


Midwifery, where care includes proven interventions for maternal and newborn health as well as for family planning could avert over 80% of all maternal deaths, stillbirths and neonatal deaths.

Primary source:

CAM’s Plan

Here at home, CAM will use this international campaign to continue our ongoing mission to secure equitable access to excellent sexual, reproductive & newborn midwifery services for everyone. We’ll be scheduling events throughout the year so come back often.