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Registered Midwife

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Horizon Health Network is currently expanding our Midwifery program and are seeking midwives, both experienced and new, to join our team in Fredericton, New Brunswick! At the moment we are hiring for a permanent part time and casual midwife but will have more positions coming soon! We are seeking individuals who are committed to growing a practice which can deliver comprehensive primary maternity care in collaboration with our health care team. Horizon Midwives are salaried employees of the regional health authority. As such, they are integrated into the clinical program for maternal and newborn care. A community-based clinic has been established since 2017 to support this practice group of four midwives including coverage for overhead (equipment, supplies, and support staff).

We strongly value patient and family centered care, excellence in practice, and teamwork. Midwives are autonomous health care professionals who are members of a professional multidisciplinary primary health care team providing maternal and newborn services within assigned geographical boundaries. 


Must be a graduate of a Canadian university midwifery education program or an equivalent in accordance with the New Brunswick Midwifery Act and Regulations
Must be eligible to register with the Midwifery Council of New Brunswick
Must possess a valid driver’s license and own a vehicle 
Ability to attend work on a regular basis.
Ability to perform the duties of the position.
Good work record.
Willingness to undergo a criminal record check and vulnerable sector record check as condition of employment.

·         Provide care consistent with the philosophy and ethics of midwifery care in Canadian jurisdictions, respecting community standards of care and NB code of ethics, regulations, and standards of midwifery practice.

·         Ability to work well in a team environment.

·         Ability to obtain a comprehensive health history, including medical and psychosocial information.

·         Responsible for the care, assessment, and monitoring of women during normal pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period as well as their healthy newborns.

·         Responsible for the management of low risk, spontaneous vaginal deliveries.

·         Working with clients to develop, implement, and evaluate an individualized care plan including appropriate place of birth.

·         Duties include, but are not limited to: counseling, providing education and clinical care.

·         Provide health care in clients’ homes, communities and in hospital and clinic.

·         Provide on-call coverage including days, nights, and holidays as scheduled in collaboration with the midwifery team.

·         Midwives may consult with, make referrals to, or transfer care to other medical practitioners as per Midwifery Council of New Brunswick regulations and provider judgement.

·         Respectful and clear communication with other health care providers and support staff including thorough documentation of all information shared with clients, care provided and care plans.

·         Prescribe, order and administer drugs in accordance with provincial regulation and standards.

·         Order, perform, and interpret screening and diagnostic tests, and may provide other health care series within the standards of practice.

·         Participate in various regional and local committees, respectfully providing midwifery perspective and representing the midwifery profession with dignity and integrity.

·         These duties are the basic and prime duties of the job; related and allied duties may be assigned from time to time as may become necessary to the operation of the service. 



Health and Well-being

Respect for pregnancy and childbirth as normal physiological processes. Promote wellness in pregnant clients, babies, and families, taking the social, emotional, cultural and physical aspects of reproductive experiences into consideration.

Informed Choice

Respect the right of pregnant clients to make informed choices about all aspects of their care. Actively encourage informed decision-making through commitment to providing clients complete, relevant, and objective information in a non authoritarian manner.

Autonomous Care Providers

Assume full responsibility for the provision of primary health services within their scope of practice, making autonomous decisions in collaboration with their clients. Exercise clinical judgement as an autonomous primary care provider. Ability to identify risk factors before and during pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum period, take action, and consult and refer as necessary. Ability and willingness to make referrals to other care providers and continue to provide supportive care for conditions requiring care outside of scope of practice. Commitment to collaborate with other health professionals to ensure that clients receive the best possible care.

Continuity of Care

Commitment to working in partnership with clients and families in their care. Ability to build trusting relationships and provide individualized care. Provide continuity of care to clients throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, and up to at least six weeks postpartum. Remain available on-call throughout clients’ care.

Choice of Birth Setting

Respect the right of individuals to make an informed choice about the setting for their birth. Midwives must be competent and willing to provide care in a variety of settings, including home, birth centres, and hospitals.

Evidence-based Practice

Remain up to date about research on maternity care issues, to critically appraise research, and to incorporate relevant findings into their care.

Employees are responsible to be aware of and understand Horizon’s Terms of Employment

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