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General Registrant Position

  • Midwife
  • London, Ontario
  • Application Deadline: 2025-04-01

Website Wind Rose Midwifery

We are a full scope midwifery practice group

We are hiring a General Registrant Midwife!

Earliest Start Date: March 1, 2024

Position: One General Registrant to help meet the demand for our waitlist. A potential for an extended contract after one year pending fit within the team. Offering 36 BCCs

Call Model: On call as a primary midwife Monday-Friday except every other weekend off-call, and up to 12 weeks vacation per year depending on BCC load.

We are a thriving practice of midwives who are looking for someone to join our growing team due to the ongoing increased waitlist demand. Our team’s vision includes providing exceptional care to our clients while striving for the ongoing sustainability of midwifery. Our midwifery practice values reflect professionalism, collaboration, respect for each other and acknowledgment of each person’s unique life circumstances. Although the midwifery profession requires an amount of flexibility in scheduling as teams evolve, we believe that it is possible to be a successful midwife while enjoying harmony between work and life. We are looking for someone who has the following characteristics and skills:

•       Communication skills: involving dialogue, addressing conflict and accountability. We are looking for someone who is committed to getting these skills with our support if they feel they do not currently have them.

•       Feedback: Someone who is open to giving and receiving feedback. Someone who is open to growing this skillset.

•       Perspective Taking: Someone who can see issues/ cases and scenarios from another person’s perspective.

•       Self-Reflection and attitude: Someone who can identify gaps in knowledge, their strengths and help proactively take steps to improve, and someone who is able to bring enthusiasm, will fit well on our team.

•       Organization: We are a practice that is dedicated to quality improvement and evaluation of care provided to our clients, as well as to our commitment to each other. We are looking for someone who is organized, can manage time commitments, ask for help and is willing to support practice initiatives, such as planning of events, ongoing practice protocol evaluation when needed.

•       Professionalism: Our team expects that we will be professional with clients and with each other, demonstrating respect and kindness.

We are located in Komoka, Ontario and have a hybrid style call model. Our catchment area is London- Middlesex. We mostly provide care to people in London and slightly west of London. You can live anywhere in the catchment area and within 30-60 minutes of London Health Sciences Centre. We have midwives who prefer to work in shared care and midwives who prefer to work in primary care. We believe that every attempt should be made to support the sustainability of the midwife. Our team values equity and fairness, and our approach is to ensure that midwives do the best they can to carry their BCC workload, and to support others when in need. We have anywhere from 2-3 midwives on each chart team, and weekly practice meetings where we come together for potlucks and share cases, and new knowledge, and express gratitude for each other. We are willing to start a caseload for the successful applicant and our mentorship includes having midwives who will attend with you to all births until you feel you are competent and safe to attend by yourself. We use Accuro EMR for charting.

Our team of midwives values mentorship and support, and you will have an assigned mentor who will spend time with you supporting your orientation and learning of hospital and community standards and resources. Team expectations include supporting midwives at all times when on-call, whether new to the practice or not. We also expect off-call time to be protected.

Hospital Privileges: London Health Sciences Centre
London Health Sciences Centre is a large department of midwives with access to a midwifery executive lead as well as a clinical research lead and an academic practice lead. These positions will assist you in your transition to the hospital and are available for support for privileging and upskilling. It is an expectation that midwives who are privileged at LHSC participate in scholarly activities such as research studies or social journal club to improve their scholarly skillsets. We have department events, social parties and value our connection to each other regardless of which practice you work with. We manage oxytocin and epidurals and as much mentorship will be provided as needed to support your skills in full scope. We also have a simulation centre where we can help you learn, or you can teach skills to other midwives to support professional development. London is an excellent place to work as a midwife if you want to become confident as a midwife with effective interprofessional collaborations between midwives and other healthcare providers. Midwives are also eligible for an adjunct associate professor status at McMaster and Western Universities which will allow you access to amazing opportunities at both locations. There is a lot of opportunity for growth in our London community and our practice is committed to helping midwives achieve their goals as clinicians, researchers or valuable community contributors.

London and Area:
London is a beautiful and growing city. London has beautiful trails, and access to close beaches, the great lakes as well as many restaurants, sports and social clubs. London is the home to Boler Mountain Ski Hill as well as many concerts as Budweiser Gardens. London has many fantastic schools for children, as well as indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, rock climbing, museums, and Storybook Gardens.

Our practice has seen amazing growth over the past five years due to the love of our clients with a drastic increase in caseload requests.

If you are interested in joining our midwifery family and building positive relationships, please apply to our admin team at: or Fax to 226-270-1768

To apply for this job email your details to