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A smiling white woman, Sonya Rae, sits with her 11-month-old son Miles

P.E.I. finally has its first official midwives (CBC)

Article by Stephen Brun/CBC, Feb. 1, 2024

After decades of proponents calling for the service, Health P.E.I. has hired its first two midwives to provide care both before and after new births on the Island.

The midwives began working at Charlottetown’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Jan. 30, and can offer care prior to birth and for up to eight weeks afterward. 

That’s welcome news for P.E.I. moms like Sonya Rae, who used a midwife service in Ontario when she was carrying and bearing the first of her three children.  

“It was such an immensely positive experience and I was so grateful to have their care, both prenatally, for the birth and especially postpartum,” Rae said. “It was just lovely to have the continuity of care, to have the same providers, to have that connection already — and to have them come into our home and spare us trips in those early postpartum days to the doctor’s office.” 

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