Zone 72


Zone 72 is a series of youth focused SRHR materials developed for youth in South Sudan. Zone 72 is under the leadership of the South Sudan Ministry of Health, in collaboration with CAM, SSNAMA and Shabab la Shaba, and funded by the governments of Canada and Sweden

Zone 72 Magazine: Adolescent Health   

Zone 72 Magazine: Gender Based Violence

Zone 72 Magazine: COVID-19

Zone 72: SRHR Pocket Book

Zone 72 SRHR Comic Book

Zone 72 Radio Call-In Show

Zone 72 is a youth based radio call in show covering the many challenges that youth are facing today. Hosted by Winnie Eric and broadcast on EYE Radio, each show features experts answering questions from callers on subjects ranging from Gender Based Violence, Capacity Building and Entrepeneurship, Girls in ICT and preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Episode 1

Episode 2 Girls in Technology

Episode 3 Conflict Resolution

Episode 4 : Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy and The Importance of Neo Natal Care

Episode 5 Challenges of COVID-19

Episode 6  Ending Child Marriage

Episode 7 Adolescent Health: Body Changes

Episode 8 Drugs and Addiction

Episode 9 : Adolescent Health

Episode 10 Entrepeneurship

Episode 11 : Adolescent Health and Sexuality

Episode 12 Adolescent Health and Sexuality

Episode 13 Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex Part 1

Episode 14 ” Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex Part 2

Episode 15: Gender Based Violence

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21

Episode 22

Episode 23 Youth Living with Disabilities

Young people with disability are among the most marginalized group in the world. They face higher rates of poverty, sexual violence and exclusion.
Listen to host Winnie Eric and deaf guests Deng Majok and Dominic Okane (with interpreter Grace) discuss the realities and challenges
Youth Living with Disabilities face on Eye Radio in a broadcast from September.

Episode 24

Episode 25