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33rd ICM Triennial Congress

Are you going to the 33rd ICM Triennial Congress? 

“It will be six years since [the ICM’s] last in-person global gathering and [the ICM is] so honoured and excited to come together with you for this momentous occasion! The theme for the 2023 Congress, Together again: from evidence to reality reflects [the ICM’s] excitement for face-to-face engagement and points to the work [the ICM is] undertaking to implement the evidence which continues to demonstrate the investment case for midwives. While this work must happen within [the] global community of midwives, it’s also integral that governments, health leadership and women and people everywhere stand alongside midwives in their efforts to attain professional autonomy and decision-making authority at the country level.”

The 33rd ICM Triennial Congress is happening 11-14 June 2023 in Bali, Indonesia.