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Dance with Midwives for Midwifery!

Dance with Midwives for Midwifery!

Thanks for dancing with us on
May 5, 2017!

Total number of dancers:


International Day of the Midwife is a day to celebrate and thank midwives, a day to demonstrate the impact of midwifery in Canada and around the world, and to promote access to midwifery for all.

This year’s theme is Dance with and for Midwives. CAM is organizing a virtual dance for midwives to be held May 5. On this day, midwives, midwifery clients and families, partner organizations and associations from across Canada will unite to dance in solidarity to the same song… at the same time!

We invite you to sign up to dance with us.

Check your area for the exact time:

In order to spread the news and attract more participants, we encourage Canadian midwives to pull out their iPhones and Androids and film themselves dancing … at home, in your car, at work ..

We will in turn share these videos online in order to highlight the work of midwives across Canada, and around the world!

Details for Live Montreal Event

We ask that participants arrive at 2:00 PM (2330 rue Notre Dame O.). The performance will start at 2:30 and will be streamed LIVE ON FACEBOOK!

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