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CAM Statement on Changes to the Ontario Health Curriculum

The Canadian Association of Midwives supports the Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM) and shares their position that the health curriculum in Ontario should include information about LGBTQ communities and teach students about safety, their bodies and consent.

The Ontario Government plans to revert to an outdated school health curriculum developed before the legalization of same sex marriage and the protection of gender identity and expression in the Human Rights Code. This plan runs counter to the Canadian Association of Midwives’ position on Gender Inclusivity and Human Rights and Reproductive Health Care.

CAM believes that midwives play an essential role as advocates for the universal right to reproductive health care services. As such, CAM supports access to a curriculum that informs students about subjects such as family planning, contraception, STI prevention and treatment, consent and safety and includes trans, genderqueer, intersex and otherwise marginalized communities.

For more information, we encourage you to view the statement from the Ontario Association of Midwives.

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Eby Heller
Director of Policy and Communications

CAM Statement on changes to the Ontario Health Curriculum